What do Breast Surgery Advisory Do


What do Breast Surgery Advisory do


What do Breast Surgery Advisory do


What does Breast Surgery Advisory do?

After spending many years working within the cosmetic industry, many of those in theatre, it became apparent that there were several issues within the market. Breast Surgery Advisory was founded to not only look into the issues that we had discovered but to prevent them from happening in the future.

BSA was founded to help women access safer surgery, surgeons and products. This is accomplished through research, transparency and education.

To understand the real issue within the market, we had to start at the beginning. This quickly led us to the women that were undergoing breast augmentation, and from there, we began to explore the reasons and inspiration behind those women’s decision to undertake surgery.

From day one of starting the business, we discovered that all the women accessing our service were those concerned with their breast implants. We were seeing any primary cases looking for advice. Instead, these women were being seduced by marketing from glossy websites and images of beautiful women, with the “perfect figure”.

The women who were coming to us had a very different story to tell. We went on to help educate, support, care for these women and help them to gain access to the correct treatment.

Through this process, we have been able to collate clinical data and build a patient pathway and framework.

We have become the voice for these women.

Our work with patients:
Not only do we offer advice, empathy and a hand to hold throughout any circumstance. We are also there to help advise women on the correct steps they should be taken. For this reason, we have designed our very own patient pathway. It’s designed to provide a framework so that a patient receives the correct level of care and treatment, no matter where they are, who their doctor may be.

BSA offers a community for women to be a part of. For many of the women dealing with complications with breast augmentations, they find it difficult to know where to turn. Not only do we offer our advice and support we’ve also started several forums on our social media platforms where patients can converse and offer support to one another.
This is not only a great way for women to share their experience or look for advice from others who are in a similar situation. It also presents a great opportunity for us to educate the ladies within these forums before going ahead with any surgeries or those who may be searching for answers.