There are many reasons a patient may be considering removing their breast implants such as:
  • ALCL
  • BII
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Adverse Capsular Contracture
  • Changes of feeling to the breast
  • Being able to see the implant under the skin
  • Implant Failure
  • Change of heart
  • Ageing of the implant and outcome
  • Rotation or movement of the implant
  • Swelling
  • Rejection

For many it may be down to medical necessity, however, for some patients they may just simply no longer want breast implants.

With the current concern around textured implants, we have many women asking for advice regarding explanting their breast implants.

The consensus is that for patients with no symptoms (Asymptomatic) there is no medical need for removal of the implants, however, we do understand that for some patients this advice doesn’t alleviate their fears and they may want to have their implants removed.

In this situation, we would advise you to consider the implications of surgery and how your breasts will look without implants and if that something that you would be happy with. As with all surgery, there are risks involved so it’s not a decision that you need to rush into.

There are several scenarios that you can consider:

  • Explant with the removal of the capsule (Capsulectomy) and no revision surgery
  • Explant, Capsulectomy with implant exchange with a smooth or nano surface implant
  • Explant, Capsulectomy, Mastopexy (Uplift) and exchange of implants for smooth or nano surface
  • Explant, Capsulectomy and Mastopexy without implant exchange

Your surgeon will be able to guide you with this and offer you the solution that is best suited to your situation.

Our surgeons are all committed to assisting women to find the best outcome if they have concerns about their current implants.

Please be aware that every case can differ and the solution and outcome may be different.

For more information please contacts us today.