Do you need help with breast reconstruction?

First of all, we understand that the decision to get breast reconstruction is tough and one to take lightly. We know that breast reconstruction can be a very difficult and confusing time. It may be hard to know who to trust, and that’s where we step in!

We offer free advice and guidance to help you get the results you desire, through the safest and highest of quality surgeons.

Those who are looking for a surgeon for their first procedure, those who may have experienced difficulties and/ or undesirable results or any patient may have concerns about the associated risks with Breast Augmentation.

For many, the journey through plastic surgery may not always go as expected. For that reason, we are here to help assist with both practical and emotional support. BSA have experienced advisors on hand, who will liaise with previous providers of surgery when the outcome is not what the patient was expecting.

We have handpicked all of the surgeons and clinics after working with them. We have had the first-hand experience of their ethics and our criteria to ensure the results that the patient is expecting are realised.

All our providers are committed to working within our framework to provide excellence and safety.
Our personal knowledge of each of the providers helps to reassure a patient. Whether they are looking for their first procedure or a patient that has experienced dissatisfaction with the results of previous surgery.

We are not a sales team based within a clinic. BSA are independent advocates for the patient. We offer impartial advice and support with a referral to the surgeon that will meet the needs of each patient as an individual case.

Above all, the products we promote are all products that we have fully researched and had the best results for the given area that they are used in. We would only recommend them to the patient if we would use them ourselves.

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