If someone asked me a year ago what my dream job would be then this would be the dream.

After many years working in cosmetic surgery seeing the great side of the business and then the not so great side, I decided to make a change and empower women to make educated choices when considering surgery or when the outcome has not been what that woman had been promised.

I thought I could make a real change here, to pass my experience and knowledge to women the same way that I did when friends asked me for advice, so off the back of that, we came up with the vision of Breast Surgery Advisory. A space for women to get advice and support on any form of breast surgery. Our mission is to educate women on their options when considering surgery.

I have had so much support from the surgeons and patients and they have inspired me throughout this journey.

If we were to only help one woman to make a better choice, to help with education and learn to be better role models and be happy with our bodies then I feel we have achieved something.

If you would like to speak to one of our advisors or find out more on who BSA are and what we have to offer, then please do contact us.

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